Bonafide Bonehead. (guillotine_lure) wrote in creationstation,
Bonafide Bonehead.

I do not know if this is the proper community for such a post. If not, let me know, and I can delete this entry.

I have been collecting custom made as well as specially printed corsets for quite a few years now. I am, however, artistically inept and generally I need other's help in designs. I have a centerpiece in mind for my next upcoming corset, but I do not know how to go about it. My boyfriend makes shirts, and this is one of his many designs:

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I want to have a similar idea, but made into GYN transformer bot, basically made up with a collaboration of gynecological or obstetrics/tocological related stuff. However, I don't want to steal his idea. Just take the same concept of a specific theme in a transformer bot image. I know my idea probably comes off as very corny to many of you, but eh, most of my corsets are not to be taken too seriously.

Now the question. Are there any artists in this community who would be willing to make me a design if paid (NOTE: preferably digitally, graphically, or with photoshop)? If not, could any of you please recommend me any good artist communites or forums either on lj or the web in general with people who may be willing to work with me on this? The design is really quite up in the air actually. I'm allowing the artist to use their mind and essentially make up their own creation, just in a way that appeals to me...meaning, lots of images all jumbled together into one form, lots of color, detailed and obnoxious really...

If any potential offerers would like some pictures of my corsets to get an idea, I'd be happy to supply them.

Thank you!
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