mybuttcansing (mybuttcansing) wrote in creationstation,

Flyer Design

Is there anyone who would be willing to design a promotional flyer for my friend? Or anyone willing to give me any tips?

I've been doing websites and the like for a couple of years now, but I kind of suck doing this flyer thing.

She's a singer/songwriter named Amanda and I want some flyers to distribute to street team members so they can get the word out about her music. Please, if anyone's interested or can give me some pointers, let me know here or at my email:

Her music is kind of the ballad/pop type and I realize that a lot of you probably might not be into that kind but any help would be muchly appreciated.

If you are interested in helping, we will link you from and you can put "Designed by: insertnamehere" on the flyer somewhere.

We will scan the pics we are considering and get them to you. We already know what info we want to use on it.. we just need some typography and to add a little extra flair to it.

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed..but I figured that it's worth a try!

<3 Ashley
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